Our Community & Who We Are

Become a part of our Community, not based on your location, but based on God’s love. Regardless of your background, YOU ARE OUR COMMUNITY. Our purpose is to engage, empower and equip individuals through life transforming encounters with God through His Son Jesus.  The teachings are biblically sound and relevant. The worship is powerful and inspiring. The relationships are loving and genuine. We serve God by positively impacting the lives of others.


If this is your first experience with us, a great way to meet us is during our COSMO ENCOUNTER happening IN-PERSON and ONLINE.


We embrace everyone, everywhere – spiritually, and literally.  Locally we connect through our community engagements, in person services, and outreach events. Globally, we come to you through technology providing accessibility, stability, and creative ministry regardless of geography, background, or time zone.


Cosmopolitan Community Church is a ministry movement without borders. Our reach is not defined by a building, but by our ability to love God by service to our community.