Our Pastor

In September of 2016, Rev. Dr. Eric D. Clopton, Sr. assumed the pastorate of Cosmopolitan Community Church. Rev. Clopton comes to us with 20 years of ministerial experience. Some of his ministerial gifts include: teaching, equipping, education, worship/music, and church structure. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”   

– I Corinthians 2:9

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Clopton received the call for ministry at a young age. He served as a minister of music from the age of 16 and this passion for worship has flowed into every aspect of his life. Called and purposed by God to preach the gospel and impact the lives of those with whom he comes in contact, Dr. Eric D. Clopton, Sr.’s goal is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, Who glorified His Father by dying for him.

Without shame or compromise, Dr. Clopton has been boldly proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom for more than 20 years. With a myriad of experience not only in pulpit ministry, but also in church administration and business. God has graced and gifted him with an anointing to educate, equip and enrich the ministry. As a leader and instructor, he is committed to spiritual battle that extends the territory of God into the moral wastelands of this world.

Knowing the importance education has in gaining knowledge and practical understanding of the Word, Dr. Clopton earned his Bachelors of Art in Divinity from Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary, as well as a Bachelors of Art in Theology from Life Christian University. He returned to Life Christian University to earn his Masters of Art in Theology in 2012 and soon after earned his Doctor of Ministry in Theology in 2014. Dr. Clopton is currently a professor of Biblical Studies on the campus of Life Christian University.

Although he has a love and fervor for ministry, his passion for his family is even greater. Dr. Clopton is the husband of Kyra Clopton and the father to three daughters, Erica, Kayla and Kyran, and one son, Eric Jr. To date, Dr. Clopton has experienced God doing miraculous things and has a number of successes; yet, his greatest accomplishment is raising godly children and leaving a strong legacy of faith for his family, just as his grandmother left for him.

Currently, he serves as Pastor and an executive board member of the Cosmopolitan Community Church, located at 5249 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615. Pastor Clopton’s accomplishments since 2016 are as follows:


  • Restructured Worship Service Program
  • Instituted a teaching style of preaching that is understandable, passionate and enthusiastic
  • Fostered continued instruction of the Ministers and Elders under his care
  • Ordained four Deacons after intense, focused training program
  • Formalized noon-day and evening bible study classes
  • Established 5:30am Wednesday morning Intercessory Prayer and Prayer Line
  • Promoted Community Evangelism
  • Instituted Preaching / Teaching 7-Last Words of Christ by Associate Ministers
  • Formalized New Members’ Class
  • Promoted increased Sunday School Attendance
  • Re-instituted Youth Sunday School and the Youth Ministry known as “Cosmo Kids, the Next Generation”
  • Revamped Media Ministry: using Social Media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube and email access
  • Introduced Praise and Worship Team
  • Introduced Electronic Giving via GIVELIFY
  • Created the Comfort Ministry to help those who are facing grief
  • Focused on Capital Improvement Campaign Sundays to have directed donations for major church repairs
  • Initiated accelerated church mortgage payments, which allowed the mortgage to be paid off 12/31/2018


Dr. Clopton created PROJECT H.O.P.E.: HELPING OUR PEOPLE EXCEL which is a focused means of community outreach which evolved into several worthy projects, including the following projects, many of which are ongoing throughout the year:

  • H.O.P.E. Back to School Cookout where more than 400 people were fed and more than 200 book bags, filled with school supplies were distributed during the first year. This event continued for its third year in August 2019;
  • Thanksgiving Outreach at St. Matthew House: a shelter for the homeless;
  • Primo Center for Families #4, transitional homeless shelter, where donations of toiletries, household cleaning products and clothing for women, men and children were provided;
  • Collection of and donation of men’s underwear and socks to a men’s transitional
  • shelter;
  • Collection and donation of water for victims of Hurricane Harvey;
  • Provided Job Readiness Seminars for the community;
  • Re-instituted Family Fun Night – Movies, games and open mic. Everyone is
  • invited to this free activity.